Alana Rosa
Image Courtesy of Darryl C. Madison
The Solution


Here you will find stunning and diverse pictures of me from when I first started modeling 4 years ago to new work testing my abilities. You will also have the opportunity to view works I have began to produce while in school, ranging from Typography to Photo Advertising.

Please don't hesitate to drop me an email regarding bookings for your next project or if you would like to leave feedback/ suggestions/ inspiration!

Greatly appreciated, friends

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Alana Rosa


About Me!

  • You can call me Alana or Rosa. Rosa is preferred even though it is my middle name.
  • Currently living in the Bronx, New York. Lived here most of my life.
  • Wanted to model since I was 9, started as a hobby at 19.
  • Originally was a prop & assistant wardrobe stylist before becoming a model.
  • Very open to learning new things.


What's New?

As of 2016, I have transitioned into seeking representation for the "right fit" in model management. Also, after the publishing of my final college magazine LE STATEMENT MAGAZINE and graduating with my Bachelors , I hope to soon pursue work in the corporate publishing & advertising world. Ideally I would like to pursue my own placement in magazines and fashion lookbooks, while continuing my participation in music videos, fashion tutorials, and runway shows.